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Our Cottages and Apartments in Sark and Guernsey

La Coupée

La Coupée, the causeway which joins big and little Sark, is about 100m long. It is a high ridge 80 metres (262 ft) above the sea which is only some three metres in width. This is gradually being eroded and Little Sark will eventually become an island (a similar process is likely to have occurred with Brecqhou close to Sark’s west coast).

Several small islets lie close to the shore of Little Sark. These include Moie de la Fontaine and Moie de la Bretagne on the west coast, Petite Baveuse, Moie du Port Gorey Seceuil and Bretagne Uset along the south coast, and Brenière on the east coast. Several tiny islets also lie in Baleine Bay, which stretches along much of the east coast of Little Sark and also the southeast coast of great Sark, and L’Etac de Sark and les Demies lie to the southeast of Little Sark.

The Sark Museum

“The Sark Museum, an authentic vintage experience”

The Sark Museum is an authentic experience of Sark’s wide history, over several centuries, with two museums in one!

The museum is open for the season from 2pm – 4.30pm daily, closing Fri-Sat 5:30 pm (on a voluntary best-effort basis), and occasionally opens earlier for large groups and dreary weather. Look for the Sark Museum sign with “Will Return” time at the Collinette crossroads just past the carriages, and also posted at the museum entrance. To arrange a visit outside these hours, or if it happens to be closed, please contact Tourism on 01481 832 345.

Explore Sark by bike!

Sark is lucky enough to have three cycle hire shops: A to B on the Mermaid Lane 01481 832844 (who offer 10% off if booked in advance), Avenue Cycle Hire 01481 832102 and Sark Cycles behind the Bel Air Inn 07781 454375. Prices cost between £6.50 and £7.50 per day and a deposit will be required. Tag-alongs, bikes with pull-along trailers and bikes with child seats are available, as are children’s cycles


Carriage Rides on Sark

A carriage ride around Sark is perhaps the best introduction to the island. The high vantage point gives views over the hedges, and the quietness of this mode of travel is characterised by the creaking of the harness, the jingle of the rings on the horse’s bit and the rhythmic thud of the hooves on un-tarmacked roads. All the carriage drivers have to take a test to obtain their Carriage Drivers License.

Visiting Sark

The compact, rugged beauty of Sark has been gaining more attention over recent years, thanks in part to the ‘dark skies’ status the island now enjoys, meaning it’s one of the best places in the world to view the night sky thanks to a very low level of light pollution. Sark is the first island in the world to have received this status. However, there’s an abundance of things to see and do for visitors, and the beautiful, untouched land of Sark has become an excellent holiday location in its own right.


Shopping in Sark

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