A Collection of Cottages on the Beautiful LA VAUROCQUE Domain

About Us

Our Cottages and Apartments in Sark and Guernsey

The decision to enjoy a restful stay at La Vaurocque offers a unique opportunity to experience a combination of atmosphere and nature. Situated at the highest point in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, from where views towards Jersey are most spectacular, just close to the Island’s windmill constructed in 1571 and standing at 374 feet above sea level.

La Vaurocque is one of the original tenements and was settled by Thomas de Carteret following the grant of the fief dated 1565 by Queen Elizabeth II to Helier de Carteret. The ancient stones evidence the early works of Thomas who somehow managed to haul them into place alongside the road to the mill forming the boundary of his fields (it is thought these stones were part of prehistoric structures taking advantage of the dominating geographic location).

From beautiful sunsets to enjoyment of the worlds first designated Dark Sky Island, Sark  is free from the light pollution of the developed world. A small island with many endearing features. All is packaged within walking or cycling distance nicely set out to challenge the visitor to weeks of exploration and enjoyment. There are many miles of coastline with bays offering up one beautiful seascape after another. Wild flowers and meadows add to the natural beauty and fresh sea air flows thousands of miles to the island free from human interference.